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Adam Ismail
Executive Director
Global Organization
for EPA & DHA Omega-3’s

A consortium of nine scientific and trade organizations have petitioned the Institute of Medicine to review and update dietary reference intakes (DRI’s) for EPA and DHA omega-3’s.

It is the consortium’s view that newly established DRI’s for EPA and DHA will have a positive public health impact and also assist in advancing understanding of the role these important nutrients play in human nutrition.

This website offers the public an opportunity to view and also openly comment in reference to the petition. We will forward all comments to the Institute of Medicine. We appreciate your willingness to voice your opinion.

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Co-signers of the Petition

Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s
Council for Responsible NutritionN
International Omega-3 Learning Consortium for Health and Medicine

National Fisheries Institute

National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition

Natural Products Association

Seanfood Products Association

Society for Women's Health Research

United Natural Products Association

Document ID Full Name Date Posted Type Views
1005 Amanda Ruess 10-07-2009 Corporation
1004 Adam Ismail 09-03-2009 Non profit
1007 Leslie van der Meulen 11-20-2009 Corporation
1010 Brandy Ogg 11-24-2009 Individual
1012 Marci Clow 12-21-2009 Corporation
1013 Sandra Torres 12-24-2009 Individual
1014 Jose Perez-Gomez 12-24-2009 Corporation
1015 Tina Lynn Hamberg 01-07-2010 Individual
1016 John Ehrke 01-08-2010 Corporation
1017 John Ehrke 01-08-2010 Non profit
1018 Gretchen Vannice 01-09-2010 Individual
1019 Carol A. Locke, MD 01-26-2010 medical practice
1020 Gregoire Berthomieu 02-12-2010 Corporation
1021 Gregoire Berthomieu 02-12-2010 Non profit
1022 James Townsend 02-15-2010 Non profit
1023 James Townsend 02-15-2010 Non profit
1024 Thomas F. Schlaf 02-16-2010 Individual
1025 Sapna Misra 02-18-2010 Corporation
1026 Kelly Burgess 04-06-2010 Corporation
1027 E. Hunter Korzell 09-06-2010 Individual
1028 Sally Burnell 05-19-2011 Non profit
1029 Marissa Workowski 03-27-2012 Individual
1030 Bruce Holub 05-09-2013 Non profit
1031 Peter Clarke 06-10-2013 Non profit
1032 Douglas Ohori 06-10-2013 Corporation
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